Ways Miller’s Has Gone Green

Miller’s Facility Solutions is committed to becoming more environmentally sustainable with changes to our facility, delivery operations, and recycling efforts.


  • Donated eight acres of property to Fairfax County as a site for permanent wetlands.
  • Support programs that urge carpooling by employees whenever possible.
  • Promote careful regulation of internal HVAC settings.
  • Installed skylights throughout the facility to encourage turning off lights when not necessary.

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  • Use low-emission diesel engines to power all our delivery trucks.
  • Route optimization software designed to maximize distribution while reducing fuel consumption.
  • Encourage our customers to combine orders, reducing the number of deliveries.
  • Use recycled and biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible.
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  • Allowing our drivers to pick up your discarded corrugated cardboard is yet another way we’re committed to the growth of your green workplace.

Last year the Miller’s family of companies recycled:

  • 85,000-lbs of cardboard.
  • 8,000-lbs of paper.
  • 11,500-lbs of plastic.
  • 46,000-lbs of catalogs.
  • 12,819 printer and copier cartridges.
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